Review – Sectioned – “Monotonne”

12 06 2012


Non-metal fans look away now. This may not be to your liking. And that just goes to show how much of a pansy you really are. Say Hi to Sectioned, Edingburgh 4-piece math-metal nutjobs. Seriously. No-one should be able to write music this insane. Those who read/glance at/pay mild attention to this blog will remember Edinburgh post-rock band WE and their charming guitarist Pedram Valiani. Well this is the other side of his music personality. A sort of Jekyll and Hyde situation. WE are a calming post-rock band. Sectioned are the big, scary brute who will lay waste to your face/ears/genitals with their bracing math-metal madness.

Now I will completely admit I only found out about Sectioned through Pedram’s other band WE. And I’m pretty glad I found them. I may offend some who read this but until Sectioned came along I had not heard a single Scottish metal band who I found to be any form of impressive so thanks for changing my slant of things guys. Much appreciated. Sectioned manage to mesh together the intensity of Dillinger with the zany aspects of bands like iwrestledabearonce going from pounding, energetic metal to melodic passages of music which does give you an insight into Valiani’s post-rock background. Their recent EP “Monotonne” is unbelievably solid. Mixing pounding thrash beats with some amazing dissonant guitar squeals, heart stopping vocals, some of the best bass guitar playing I’ve heard in a good long while and some near flawless drums. It all makes for a powderkeg of furious metal. Love it.

“Monotonne” lines up as follows –

1 – Dog’s Blood

2 – Monotonne

3 – Rot


This songs just bursts into life before you really get a chance to get settled. Pounding drums and wailing guitars send you head first into a song bursting with so many different dynamics my head spun. Most of all standing out for me was the sly inclusion of a few bars of slapped bass. This song flows seamlessly from the hard hitting to the serene with the inclusion of a calming passage before bursting straight back into the meat and bones of the song. The driving force of Dog’s Blood for me are the ballistic, in some points strained, vocals which add another thick layer to this already over-flowing dynamic song. Top way to start an EP. And it only gets better from here.


Title track of the EP, Monotonne is almost too difficult for me to describe. Again, this track is an aural assault on the senses. From the start the stand out feature is the vicious almost solo like sections of guitar being interspersed with each other. It’s like that bit it Indiana Jones where the guys face melts off. But it’s happening to your ears. I do not understand how this can be done. It’s plain silly. In a good way. I do need to take a second to talk about the one part of Monotonne that brought me nothing but unbridled joy. After a sort of sludge metal passage the track breaks down into basic guitar abuse. Dissonant passages are thrown about by each guitar creating a pattern of insanity held together by pounding bass and drums. Thankfully Monotonne settles down for about 5 seconds before launching back into its own brand of insanity.

3) ROT

I just imagined me saying this track name in my head. Sounds cool as fuck. And this song is too. That old saying “save your best to last” can easily be applied to this EP. “Rot” is by all intents and purposes ASTOUNDING. Basically this song is infectious. Despite it being in a genre most people disregard for being too “loud” or some shit this song has some killer hooks in it. Not least after the 36 second mark where it breaks into some sort of bizarre funk-metal mish-mash and then repeats about 30 seconds down the line. The bass work on this song is truly amazing. Listen closely and you’ll hear some brilliant fret-work, chords and some slap if I’m not mistaken. Taking nothing away from the guitars here but the bass is a bit of a stand out for me here. Before I paste this YouTube link in for your listening pleasure just a quick word about the vocals. They are unbelievably strong in this track. A slight issue I had in points was they sounded a little strained but not in this track. They are full of body and they really give this song the filling out it needs. They are every bit as crushing as the music itself is. Kudos.


It’s good to be back. Before I go I must offer a quick apology. I have really not been giving this blog the attention it deserves and that I promised I would give it. Unfortunately with end of year exams, gigs with Vasa alongside us booking our first EP and potentially booking our first Scottish tour things have been hectic. But ATWOS will continue.




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