Featured Artist – Vereor

16 05 2012


This band have been on my radar for quite some time and basically due to me being a forgetful bastard I am just getting round to covering them. Perth based quartet Vereor are next up on ATWOS and they have successfully given me a headache. A good one. The kind of headache where a football manager needs to pick 11 players to go out and do a job but he has about 15 crackers to choose from. Something that is more associated with Barcelona than Partick Thistle. I say this because I have no idea where to place Vereor in a genre bracket. Those who read my feature on Thula Borah a few months back noticed how I gushed about the fact that they facilitate so many different genre styles into their music. Vereor do the same. And i LOVE IT. I spent an inordinate amount of time sifting through the tracks that they have put on their band page saying to myself “It’s kinda rock. With post-rock. And kinda poppy in bits. And sort of punk-ish.” Cue the headache. Thanks guys.

Seeing as I only have their BandPage to work off of (which is my sly way of saying HURRY UP AND RECORD AN EP!!!)  I will basically be deconstructing the music that I found on the Vereor page. This is only a good thing however because each track was kinda like a breath of fresh air as the next one was so different from the last.

First I started with “This Bliss” which kick of with quite a Cynic-like vibe and builds into a kind of heavy style of post-rock soundscape. It bursts into a chorus passage worthy of comparisons to September Malevolence. It’s catchy as hell. The one thing that stood out, and would hit me on a few more occasions, is how soulful guitarist and singer Doug Wilkins voice is. You already have very expressive passages of guitar, bass and drum play in This Bliss but Wilkins voice adds another aspect to the track. I can’t really pinpoint who it sounds like but it really adds a deep dimension to the track as a whole which I found to be rather pleasent. Another pleasant aspect for me was the big, fat, Justin Chancellor like bass tone in This Bliss. Really brought the song alive in the later stages. And gave me my much needed fix for a while. The next two tracks, “Ready for the Fall” and “Drop Those Knives” were heavily enjoyable, especially the very prog-orientated latter but the real gem of these four tracks is the final one “Undone”. It’s a strong, strong song and is another pleasent genre change between songs. The previous two encompass a more heavy rock/prog feel to them. This is more pop-rock leaning vibe about them. The thing that really drew me to this song is how much it reminded me of some other tracks that I love without feeling like it was drawing from them. The opening riff put me immediately in mind of The Darien Venture/SMAC thanks to it’s lovely flowing pop-rock vibe. The song flows from verse to chorus effortlessly and to use that awful phrase again, this song id their “single” (I feel dirty all over). Again, i’m going to touch on Wilkins vocals. It’s a main reason why you need to check out Vereor. His vocal patterns really breath new life into the tracks. They would be strong even without them but with them they are bursting with soul. It really makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

So, if you have a brain in your head you should go check out this band. If you’re looking for something to give you some catchy multi-genre spanning music go give Vereor a good listening. It’ll probably prove a sound choice.


Hey guys. Before we get started, introduce us to Vereor. Who are you and what sort of musical loveliness are you sending our way?

Hi John, Vereor is a 5 piece band based in Perth consisting of Taylor, Scott, Nathan, Callum and Doug. Generally when we’re asked that question it gets passed around the band in a never ending circle of rubbish answers, i suppose we like to remain an enigma. We take an experimental appraoch to the creative process and enjoy working with rhythm, time, harmony and texture. I don’t think we’re ever going to sit down and categorise ourselves, all i know is we love delay, feedback and any other strange noise we can conjure.
Now, firstly, what made you guys change from an acoustic band to a more post-rock oriented band? Was it simply by accident or was it a conscious decision on the bands part?

After a few discussions at college about bands we liked and had in common, i decided to ask Callum to start a band however not having the balls to actually ask him i instead casually asked if he’d like to do some acoustic covers as we both had a passion for acoustic music too. It was a natural progression for us to end up how we are now. Nathan later joined the band after looking for a bassist on JoinMyBand.com however we already knew him through college as we were all on a music performance course in Perth. Taylor was then asked a few weeks afterwards and he graciously joined our ranks, Taylor was an obvious choice for us as we had already been friends and been in bands with him for a year having also met at Perth college. last but certainly not least is Scott. Another one of our friends from the college, he was the last to join the band, only a few months ago in fact! He was our number one fan for almost a year until we just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t in the band.

You guys music seems to draw from a few different genre brackets. Where do guys draw influence from? Is it from a mostly post-rock/rock background or do you take influence from?

Since we are mainly a guitar based band we do take heavy influence from bands like Mogwai, Sigur Ros, The National and Radiohead but like these bands we do try our best to incorporate creative techniques from other contrasting styles to purely guitar centred music. We put a lot of thought in to our sets and how the songs flow together so we can achieve an almost production level live set. We do have a few songs that are a little more abrasive and for that our secret weapon is Taylor, coming from a metal background and taking influence from Avenged Sevenfold and Dream theatre he certainly helps the intense songs pack more of a punch. However Taylors a weird one and can be caught listening to Girls Aloud and The Veronicas!
You guys are a relatively new band but what has been your biggest/most well received gig since your formation?

We can’t quite put our finger on that. We’ve not really had any big gigs as such. But the last few months have been incredible! We don’t know if we’re just on fire or if the crowds have been more accepting, either way we’re loving playing live right now.
Have you guys had many chances to play gigs outside of your hometown of Perth? Is there any places outside of Perth you are desperate to play?

Actually we’ve not played much in Perth.We mostly play in Dundee with the odd gig in Perth and Fife, although we did play in Glasgow recently and loved it. Really want more gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Have you guys got any big plans or announcements for the remainder of 2012?

Our first recordings were very rushed so this time we are taking things slowly and building up a wide repertoire of songs so we have plenty of choice to decide what will be on the next EP. It will probably be 2013 by the time we’re back in the studio, although there are plans in the pipeline for a live demo to showcase some songs that we never got to record last time or won’t make the next EP.

Are there any bands you have played with or seen live that have really caught your attention and you think we should be keeping our eyes on?

This is an easy one! We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with our mates in White Van Fugitives a good few times now and we enjoy every gig we play with them! Very talented bunch of guys with a very creative way of looking at music. Check them out!

I recently saw a picture of your practice set-up and aside fro your bassist using the same pedal as I do I noticed the sheer amount of pedals you guys use. What’s the deal with you post-rock type guitarists!? Is there some sort of addiction to pedals I don’t know about?

That’s not even the full set-up! Scott our newest member had not long joined and since then he has built quite a collection. For us it is an obsession, I’ve spent hours at home pouring over reviews to assure I get the sound I want from each pedal. Its really rather sad and very expensive but we like to think its worth it in the end. In fact I think I have a similar set-up to one of your guitarists in Vasa.


And………………release. Thanks to Doug for taking the time to sort out these questions and generally just be super great at doing musics (I know that doesn’t make sense so shut it). I’m planning one or two things for the next few features so get ready to have some wet pants.




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