Catch Up – Without Aeroplanes and Thula Borah

22 04 2012


Uni work is a total bastard. It’s been keeping me from this blog and I’m really not ok with that. However, I am here to do a quick catch up with some BIG news involving two of my favourite Glasgow bands just now, Thula Borah and Without Aeroplanes.

Both of these bands have been producing some amazing work recently, Thula Borah released their second EP “Live Secretly” a few months ago ( and Without Aeroplanes released their amazing debut EP “Tell Me Tales Of Canada” which was exclusively reviewed here on A Tidal Wave Of Sound ( Back when reviewing these bands I have always maintained that I am adamant these bands will have big things coming their way. Boy was I right!

These two bands have gone and snared some absolutely dynamite support slots in upcoming months that I am just amazed at. Thula Borah will be supporting the supremely amazing *shels at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on Saturday the 23rd of June (tickets are available through the Ticket Scotland website – GET ONE!!!!) and Without Aeroplanes have only gone and got themselves a support slot with Maybeshewill in Aberdeen on the 29th of July at Tunnels. Honestly, I could not be happier for these bands getting such amazing support slots which ill definately allow them to share their fantastic music with a bigger audience. It’s no more than these guys deserve. I myself already have my ticket for the *shels gig to show some support for Thula (and to *shels obviously) and I will try my hardest to follow WOA to Aberdeen to watch them do their thang with Maybeshewill. If it is within your grasp to do the same I strongly suggest you do the same. Who knows. I may even organise a ATWOS minibus for a wee road trip.

I got talking to Lloyd from Thula Borah and Chris from Without Aeroplanes about their upcoming gigs.


So. Just how excited are you guys to be supporting *shels?

We are very excited and delighted to be playing. We are grateful for the opportunity to play with *shels and are really looking forward to the gig. Analogue of the Sun are playing too which is awesome and so it should be a good night.

How did the opportunity to get the support slot come about?

It really just fell in our lap. Initially we were involved in trying to set up and promote the show via the Whole-Heart Collective and were just trying to help organise it and cheerlead from the sides but after that fell through we were contacted by the promoter who picked it up. I think we did the right thing by checking with the Whole-Heart guys and the promoter that we were not stepping on any toes by taking it on but were assured we were not. I’m pretty sure the promoter had heard of us through our recent support slot with Falloch, so we owe them some gratitude, because I’m satisfied he chose us on the basis of our music, unaware we had been involved in trying organise the gig in the first place. Bet you weren’t expecting such a convoluted answer.

Is this going to rank up there with your biggest gig so far?

Oh, yes without doubt. It will definitely be our biggest gig yet. We haven’t played with a band of *shels stature before, possibly never thought we would. Already we have seen posters for the gig and have been handed flyers for it and have pinched ourselves when we see our name on them. That’s just much more of a big deal compared to our usual gigs around Glasgow.

Are you hoping to gain a whole new set of fans from this gig?

Absolutely. You always hope for the bonus of catching a few ears and making some new fans at any gig you play and this is definitely an opportunity to play to a good number of people who won’t have heard of us. So fingers crossed we can make some new fans and spread the word so-to-speak.



You’re supporting Maybeshewill. For this. I am so jealous. Just how excited are you at this amazing support slot?

We’re over the moon to have managed to get such an amazing support slot. We’ve literally been counting down the days since it was announced earlier in the year. We’ve just recently had a pretty dramatic line up change and we’re busy writing new material so by then we’ll have a couple of new tracks to play that are like nothing you’ve heard from us before. There’s a lot of exciting things happening in the Without Aeroplanes camp at the moment but nothing more so than this gig.

How did you manage to get the gig? Did MSW contact you directly or was it through someone?

We managed to get the gig through our former drummer Andy who is good friends with Ross at AGP, Aberdeen. We had been looking to get a gig up that way for a while and progress was looking pretty slow so when we got the news that Ross wanted us to come up and play with a band as amazing as Maybeshewill we jumped at the chance. We literally couldn’t be more grateful.

This has surely got to be your biggest gig to date. Do you think there will be extra nerves supporting a band this notable?

Yeah this is most definitely going to be our biggest gig to date, by a comfortable mile! I can see there being a lot of nerves on the date. We’re usually pretty comfortable and don’t really tend to get very nervous before or during gigs so it’ll be good to break out of that comfort zone. It will also be our first gig in Aberdeen so there’s that added factor of not playing to our home crowd but I’d say we’re more excited about that than nervous, hopefully it should give us the chance to pick up some new fans and expand our horizons.

How do you feel supporting a band who have made great waves in the post-rock scene?

It’s a huge honour to have the opportunity to play with MSW, particularly because they’ve made a name for themselves in a 100% DIY fashion. We have a huge amount of respect for them as a band and we’re all massive fans of their music so to be able to watch them for free is a nice bonus! It’s probably just as well Andy’s no longer with us because last time we saw them at Stereo he told them that their album should have been called “Songs to Pump to.” He’ll be missed…

Are you hoping you can bring some of your Glasgow fans up to Aberdeen to give you some extra support?

It’s actually Murray’s birthday on that day! There will be a rendition of “happy birthday” at the gig so it would be a shame for anyone to miss it. We should hopefully have a few people coming up with us, there has been a surprising number of people who have expressed interest in coming up from around here. More so we’ve been pretty taken aback by the amount of people from Aberdeen who have said they’ll be coming along to see us. The increase in support for Without Aeroplanes in the last few months has been phenomenal, we’ve had radio play locally and as far away as Texas and the gig offers keep pouring in so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say cheers to everyone has helped us get this far. Thanks for sticking with us and expect big things from us in the future!


I honestly could not be prouder or my friends in Thula Borah and Without Aeroplanes. Well Done guys! You completely deserve these gigs and I hope you do brilliant!

Back on wednesday with another feature. Until then.




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