Say Your Goodbyes To – MakethisRelate

5 04 2012


In all honesty this is a feature I am hoping not to have to do on a regular basis, saying a fond farewell to a band who have been going for the best part of 3 and a half years and who I have recently come to enjoy quite a bit. I have no bother admitting that I am very late to the MakethisRelate game but that still doesn’t take away the fact that I am very sad to see these guys decide to wind up their band as having played with them at their last two gigs I got an insight into how much they enjoyed playing their music and how much of a devoted fanbase they have. I can also have the pleasure of saying that these three guys are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and playing with since the formation of my band and I can only wish them the best for the future with whatever avenues they choose to pursue.

As I only arrived late to the MakethisRelate scene I am not going to pretend to know each and every little detail about the band I am simply going to write a short passage on why I came to enjoy their music and what I took from their live performances I saw. The last two gigs, which we were lucky enough to play their last two gigs in Stereo and Bakers, showed me just how much the guys in MakethisRelate cared about their music, the thought that was put in to their songs and lyrics and, most importantly, how much the truly enjoyed playing to their fans. That is another aspect that really took me aback about MakethisRelate. The have a voracious fanbase. MTR have managed, through what I am sure is plenty of hard word, garnered a rather devoted fanbase as a glut of fans showed up to see their last Glasgow performance, cheering wildly after each song and joining in with the lyrics of most songs, much to the delight, and occasional laughter, of the band. I always find I am quite impressed when a band in Glasgow tend to draw a big crowd of their own fans as it seems it is getting increasingly harder to nail down genuine fans and have them come back again and again to your gigs, a feat which MakethisRelate have definately achieved. The bands final gig in Bakers Nightclub in Kilmarnock went down extremely well. Despite guitarist Kevin managing to break the strings on not one, but two guitars, MakethisRelate soldiered through their set and was recieved with rapturous applause from the strong audience inside Bakers. It was quite a site to behold a band playing their last gig ever but in spite of that the guys remained in very good spirits, A quality which is to be admired.

Even though MakethisRelate are calling it a day I would strongly advise you to get your mitts on a copy of their albums, “One More Second Chance”, “Pick Your Side” – EP and the single “Sugar Glass”. Do the right thing and show these guys some support even if they are no more.

With a career spanning almost 4 years, having played gigs at T In The Park and Sonisphere and having garnered a loyal support over their time as a band, MakethisRelate can hold their heads high and know that they have made an impact on the Scottish music scene and an impact onto their listeners and for that they deserve some high praise.


Hey guys. Firstly, for what may be the last time you ever do this as a band, give us a wee introduction to MakethisRelate and tell us what your band is all about. World domination for example.

MakethisRelate is a three piece alternative rock band based in Glasgow. We formed towards the end of 2008, after jamming a couple of Biffy Clyro songs, and from there we went on to achieve way more than we could have ever imagined. Our main goals as a band were to write songs that we felt passionate about and to have a great time playing music together which I think we managed to achieve over the years.


Now, you guys have been going for a good few years now. What is the main reasoning behind you all stopping making music as MakethisRelate? Is there any chance we might see some reformation or reincarnation of the band further down the line?

We’ve been playing in this band since we were about 18 or 19 years old and it’s been a major part of our lives for the past 3 and a half years, so I think a change of scenery and the challenge of trying out new things with other musicians is quite an exciting prospect at the moment. Personally, I think there is a chance we’ll start making music again in the future. It might be a year from now, or it might be longer, but at the moment I think we just need a bit of time to go out in the world and gather other experiences. If we do get back together somewhere down the line, I think this break will only benefit us.


What has been your single greatest, press stopping, pant wettingly amazing moment as a band? Also, what is, in your eyes, the biggest and best gig you have played since the bands inception?

Playing at T in the Park was definitely an amazing moment. It was so surreal but it was an incredible experience. We played really well, we had an amazing and we got a better turn out than we ever could have imagined, so it was definitely a highlight of the band’s career. That was probably the biggest gig we’ve ever played but apart from that I think playing to a sold out crowd in King Tut’s was one of the best gigs we ever played. The audience were really up for it that night and, even though we had some technical difficulties, it was one of the most memorable shows we ever played together.


From what I saw at Stereo last night it seems like you have gathered a rather loyal fanbase. Did this make writing and performing your music all the more satisfying as you knew you had a solid fanbase who would eagerly anticipate the release of your work?

Definitely, it was really overwhelming and exciting to know there were people out there who were looking forward to listening to our next release, who would download it the second it went on iTunes and would know all the words at the next gig. It also creates a bit of pressure when it comes to writing cause you’re always trying to top the previous release and that can get a bit stressful at time. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives though.


What are your individual plans after MakethisRelate takes this “indefinite break”? Are you leaving to start other bands or is this a complete break from the music scene altogether?

We all love music, so I highly doubt we’ll take a break from the scene all together. I know Danny already has a few plans and I’m working away on new music for my university project. I’m not sure what Aidan is planning on at the moment but if you keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter pages, you can keep updated with our other projects.


Being together since 2008 you must have seen some great bands from in and around Scotland and further afield. Who were the bands that stand out most in your minds having either played with or seen playing? Are there any up and coming bands we should be on the lookout for in your eyes?

There’s loads of great bands out there. Aspen Tide is one of our favourite Scottish bands, as are So Many Animal Calls. Page 44, from Birmingham are brilliant, we were lucky enough to spend most of 2011 touring with those guys so they’re definitely worth a listen. We played with Ten Second Epic, from Canada, in 2010 and we stayed in touch with those guys. They’re albums are up on Spotify, so I’d encourage everyone to have a listen.


How has all your released work been received since you released? Did you manage to get any plays from far afield countries or any amazing praise from high places?

I think the majority of releases were received well by critics, we got a lot of constructive feedback towards the beginning and we really built upon that as we matured as a band. We got an amazing 4K review in Kerrang! from our set at Sonisphere which we were really chuffed about. Funnily enough the reviews we got in Kerrang! picked up on the fact that we weren’t trying to be Twin Atlantic 2.0 (which a lot of music blogs seemed to believe) and that we were actually influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Funeral for a Friend and Fightstar. I think they managed to look past the accent and they got where we were coming from which was refreshing for us.


Is there anyone in particular who really helped MakethisRelate leave their mark on the Scottish Music Scene? Also, are you happy with the memory that MakethisRelate will leave behind, as I did notice your fans seem to have a strong affection for the band?

Everyone that came along to gigs, bought our music or a piece of merch really helped our band. We were entirely self funded and we worked really hard to achieve the things we did and without those people, we would never have achieved those things. So we owe everything to the fans who supported our band over the past three and a half years. Thank you! Yeah, we’re all really proud of what we accomplished and we feel we left quite a mark on the music scene in Glasgow. It’s been quite an experience.


Well. I have to say. Even though I am late to the MakethisRelate game (very late it seems) is there anything you want to say to your fans before you guys sign off?

Thank you for an amazing few years. We cannot stress enough how grateful we are for the opportunities we’ve had because of every single one of you. So, thank you. We’ll see you in the future.

As I said, this is not a feature I hope to embark on on a regular basis but I feel this had to be done for various reason which have been touched upon previously. Best wishes to all the guys in MakethisRelate and big thanks to Kevin for getting the interiew done despite being very busy with his own uni work (told you they were nice guys).

Next up – hopefully the third You’re Not From Round Here, Are Ya? segment. But I’m not saying who the band is. That’s the surprise.





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