Featured Artist – Little Bay

29 02 2012


If you looked har enough on Sunday night you would have found me at the second night of The Breadcrumb Trail. Primarily there to see my favourite band of the moment, Thula Borah, I was also interested to see what the other bands brought to the table musically. And the band that really caught my attention were Glasgow quintet Little Bay. The five piece entered the fray as the first band on the bill and kinda blew me away with their unconventional mix of sounds that they intertwine into their music. My initial (and pretty hort sighted) thought was that I was going to be listening to another run of the mill indie band (I can only apologise to Little Bay for thinking this) but when they burst into their set I couldn’t have been more surprised unless they turned out to be a thrash metal band. Little Bay welcome you into their world with some infectiously simple guitar and bass hooks which are sirmly rooted into a more alt-pop and indie genre bracket but when you least expect it blast you away with some vast and epic post-rock inspired sections of sheer beautiful noise. This mixing of genre aspects really impressed and surprised me as I’ve never really thought that these two genres could and would mix so effortlessly together and I’m really happy i’ve seen a band accomplish this with such gusto and verve.

Now, the only music i could find of Little Bay was three tracks uploaded to their SoundCloud account (www.soundcloud.com/little-bay/) but from what I have heard on this page, and from my first live experience of them, I can wholeheartedly say that I am really looking forward to any upcoming releases or new material. Because their music is so catchy and easy to listen to that I just want MORE!!! NOW! Check out one Little Bay track “Starstruck Dreamers” below.

Little Bay – Starstruck Dreamers

Of all the music I have from Little Bay my stand out favourite track is “Fallen Stars”. It encompasses everything that the band manages to squeeze into their music. The impressive shift of dynamics from a straight up indie/alt-pop song to crushing post-rock, the amazing vocal passages and, in Fallen Stars case, its amazing use of a more minimalist sound in places. Fallen Stars has a horribly infectious hook to it as well. After hearing it I caught myself humming along the guitar part that was stuck deep in my head to the point I thought it wasn’t going to remove itself. The main thing that caught my attention about Little Bay, and Fallen Stars, is just how much the vocals in these tracks really add a different aspect to the pieces as a whole. The vocals are really beefy and full in points and it helps to fill out the track a bit more 9as if it needs it, there’s three fucking guitars on the go at once). The most pleasureable thing to me is the brilliant shift to the post-rock side of things in this, and many other, Little Bay tracks. It does sort of catch you off guard that a band who one second ago were playing overly indie music have just launched into a full frontal assault of noise. I loves it i do. In fact, so impressed am I that I have done the nice thing and included a video of Fallen Stars. Check it out.

So basically. If you know whats good for you, keep an eye out for Little Bay. They are putting out some really interesting and arresting pieces of music and if you have the chance to catch them live I suggest you do just that. Take my word. You won’t be left feeling cheated at all.


So guys. Before we get going I’ll do the one thing I do with every band. Give me a bit of background info into Little Bay. How you got started and how long you’ve been going for.

 Technically we’ve been going since 2007 but with our current line up and sound we’ve been going since 2010, We originally started as a pop-punk band called “Penny for the Guy” which was comprised of Me (Iain), Cammy and Franz who met at college, We started experimenting with sounds until we all moved to Glasgow and rejoined with a whole new outlook on writing music. Then Callum joined in 2009 and Ross in 2010 and we’ve never looked back.

You’ve got quite a different sound from most Glasgow bands around at the moment, mixing post-rock sounds with quite a pop music feel. Did you guys set out to create this type of music from the start or was it just a happy accident?

 It kinda really was by chance. Once Callum joined we became a sort of country pop style band but the more songs we wrote the more our style changed and developed and we decided we needed a bigger sound, so Callum jumped off drums and onto third guitar and Ross joined to take his place hitting the drums. So we it really did just evolve through time and into this current sound which I think is a really great mix between post-rock and pop.

Now. I caught your performance at The Breadcrumb Trail on Sunday. Are you guys encouraged with the support and exposure bands like yourself, who encompass a post-rock like sound, are getting from nights like The Breadcrumb Trail and similar nights?

 Breadcrumb Trail and The WholeHeart Collective have been amazing to work with, in fact I don’t think that we would be so active the the current music scene that’s happening if it wasn’t for the likes of these groups that are so passionate and committed about music, I urge everyone to listen to the bands that are in WholeHeart and that play Breadcrumb because its some of the most original and jaw dropping music I have ever heard.

Since your inception, what has been your biggest or most successful gig to date? And furthermore, do you have a band that you absolutely loved playing with?

The best gig we played was when we we’re first introduced the The WholeHeart Collective, It was at Stereo and we played with 2 other bands from the collective called “Analogue of the Sun” and “Without Aeroplanes” both amazing bands and with the passion and energy from that night it just felt so good to be a part of something that is actually going to change the Glasgow music industry. Without Aeroplanes were the most fun to play with ever and would never pass up a chance to play with them again, But there are so many great bands! 2 that we always seem to play with are Thula Borah and Suplex the Kid and both are awe-inspiring to watch.


Have you got any big, huge, amazing plans for 2012? Any E.P’s/videos/seductive calenders on the horizons?

Well we will hopefully be on a wee Scottish tour late in the spring and that should be when our music video for “Little Prints” should be released as well, but we are currently building on our song portfolio and trying and get a mini E.P released as well. So at the moment we are all busy little bees. And no no we don’t have any calenders that publishers have agreed to publish.

Have you found that due to your varied sound that you can blend into a different variety of live settings?

The thing is we probably could play a gig next to a foot-stomping indie band or a pop-punk band and it would most likely sound good and there fans would enjoy us. But that all, they wouldn’t try and see us again or wonder what gigs we are playing, the fans at the Breadcrumb nights and WholeHeart nights don’t just come to see one band, they come for all of them, to hear what every one has to say and every note that they play. There is so much passion and interest that goes into these gigs that its almost like a 200 person family and I’d happily play with the same bands we’ve been playing with forever.


Hit me with a random fact with the band or any single member. And make it very embarrassing/repulsive.

The bassist has no sense of smell so she unaware of the hellish smells her 4 male band-mates can create.


When/where are your next gigs? I’d love to see more of you guys.

I think we are playing @ Stairway on the 5th of April but there will no doubt be many more before then so just keep a eye out on the Facebook.


Another feature. BEASTED. Big thanks go to Iain Martin for being really speedy in getting back to me with the interview questions as I did only give him a days notice.

You can check out Little Bay at the following sites –

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Bay/189892707695256?ref=ts – Facebook

http://soundcloud.com/little-bay – SoundCloud.

Get it done.



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