The Best of 2011

11 01 2012

I’d be telling big, fat, fishy fibs if I said that 2011 wasn’t good. I saw some great bands, heard some great albums and EP’s and got talking to some great musicians over the wonderful stalking, I mean Social Media, tool that is Facebook. Also, my band Vasa finally got off the ground but I’m not focusing on that because thats not what this blog is about. There were a few disappointments during 2011, one of which I would touch on because it truly left me feeling musically robbed.

Right. Albums first

1) Graviton – “Massless” — I just about messesd my undercarriages when I found out about this album. Sacha Dunable teaming up with the guys from National Sunday Law. My Imaginery Man (God). Firstly, I thought this would’ve been a great prog metal record. How wrong I was. It’s a soraing sort of ethereal prog rock album. Huge layered synth tones over crushing guitars. And clean vocals. Something I wasn’t counting on. Also, the songs are named after particles which I felt was a stroke of genius. Fans of prog-metal or any metal who need a good chill out albums without straying too far away from the genre need to get this. Astounding.


2) And So I Watch You From Afar – “Gangs” — There’s something that endears me to ASIWYFA. I think its because they are taking the whole post-rock thing in a different direction. I just loe it that this whole album seems to hae the central premise that loud is the way forward. It’s been in heavy rotation for a wee while now and I don’t see that changing.


3) Primus – “Green Naugahyde” — I’ve gotten into a certain routine when Primus do anything. Get all excited to the point I feel i’m having a coronary embolism. I did just this when this album (THAT I WAITED 11 FUCKING YEARS FOR!!!) came out. Safe to say I could spend the rest of my life listening to Primus and die happy. This album harked back to the early Frizzle Fry days and really showed how the band has grown. I was worried the album may turn out just like Claypool’s solo releases but they thick, layered sounds of the album banished that thought in about 3 seconds. As i type this guess what I’m listening to. Yep. Green Naugahyde


4) Animals As Leaders – “Weightless” — Just when you think Tosin Abasi has done it all he returns, screams FUCK YOU! and does things to an 8-string guitar that would make most weak at the knees. This album was more a band efort and you can hear that but Abasi is still at the centre pushing the boundaries of modern guitar. Try to listen with a closed mouth. I dare you.


I know these choices may not surprise some but I don’t care. I loved them.

Now, onto my Top 10 songs of the year.

1) Brown Bear and The Bandits – Celtic Jam

2) Primus – Hennepin Crawler

3) Graviton – Quarks

4) Kasper Rosa – First Breath, First Blood

5) Fole – Tightrope

6) Ohm – The Sadist

7) Darin Tambascio – Migrane

8) Controlling Evolution – Caught in the Uproar

9) Controlling Evolution – In The Wake Of Leviathan’s Campaign

10) Animals As Leaders – Isolated Incidents


Before I go I need to touch on the big disappointment of my 2011

This Will Destroy You – “Tunnel Blanket” — This album really let me down badly. After Young Mountain I was expecting them to build upon such a strong effort but no. They produced an, in my opinion, overly droney album in which everything meshes into sounding the same. The first track “Little Smoke” gave me hope but everything after sounded very much the same. Droney guitars over unimpressive synth sounds that just left the album feeling empty. How upset I was

So. That was 2011. Just wait for 2012. It’s sure to kick the pants of everyone.



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