Alright ya big shower of……..I mean, Hello all.

11 01 2012

Hey folks. I’ve finally got round to starting this blog. And it’s already looking like being a lot of fun.

Basically i’m going to be doing some serious coverage of all the wonderful post-rock, instrumental and alternative rock bands in Central Scotland. Reviews will be done. Interviews will be shambled through and gigs will be covered capturing musicians do those sexy faces they so adore doing on stage.

Furthermore, I willbe adding a little aspect that will be taking us outside the comfort zone of the genres I am most interested in and the Central Scotland area. “You Ain’t From Round Here, Are Ya?” is going to be a little fortnightly venture I will be starting in which I will be covering a band that is either outside the genre bracket that I am covering or are not based in Central Scotland (and in one already confirmed case, is neither of these things)

So. I hope you all enjoy reading my upcoming blogs and I’m sure i’ll have a great time doing them.


p.s. I’m a filthy mouthed swine so I apologise in advance.



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